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I would like to introduce to you the newest tool in the industry to help you settle your claim, "ACCIDENT INSPECTION SERVICES". Many dollars are lost when your vehicle is damaged from an accident or poor workmanship. Many times an insurer will refuse to pay for a necessary procedure to repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition or a repairer will fail to make complete repairs. These repairs and the fact that your vehicle will now always be damaged goods, results in what is known as Diminution of Value. This loss in "Fair Market Value" includes the perceptual loss in market value along with any Insurer related loss in fair market value and repairer related loss in market value.

We are the first company in Maine to provide these in depth reports for the consumer. With this new tool, you are able to determine your loss after repairs have been completed to your vehicle. With over 25 years experience in the Collision industry and many awards and certifications, you will be dealing with some of the most professional people in the industry.

We have been very successful assisting consumers and have seen loss in fair market value amounts collected by the consumer in both insured and claimant cases. In fact we have actually been hired by insurance companies to do these evaluations for them to settle a consumers claim. We are able to provide both the reports for collection and the documentation necessary to support our loss in fair market value amounts.

We employ  ASE Master Certified Collision Repair Technicians. Most technicians employed at Cobb's Collision's Accident Inspection Service have graduated from technical training facilities and are continually furthering their training by attending  I-Car , parts suppliers, trade associations and other technical training classes and industry related training schools.


During the course of inspection we thoroughly inspect both the topside and the underside of the vehicle. We also utilize all factory made inspection holes and will occasionally remove cover plates and interior pieces to inspect a vehicle. If there are signs of uni-body/frame repairs we can also be hired to set up and measure that area affected with our laser measuring system.

For documentation we use a Kodak DC260 Digital Camera, utilizing 1536X1024 Mega pixel resolution so we can capture all defects and project a clear image for reprint later or, if necessary, to use in court proceedings for demonstration of a defect. Upon completion of your report we will also provide a sampling of these pictures documenting the quality of the repairs.

If requested, for a fee, these pictures can be copied to a CD disc to be viewed on any IBM compatible PC. If this service is chosen the customer will be provided with all pictures taken during the inspection.

We also provide expert testimony for cases in the event that your claim should need to be validated in the courtroom and our services are necessary. Re-repairs, towing, storage and complete disassembly services are available upon request.


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Accident Inspection Services can also provide you with a complete and detailed inspection of your recently purchased or a car you are in the process of buying. We will be able to tell you if the vehicle has been damaged and repaired, approximately how much those repairs would have cost and we are able to do a vehicle VIN search to help you determine where the vehicle was sold out of and who the previous owner was.



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