Facts You Need To Know


1. Your Car ! Your Choice !



2. What an Insurance company tells you may not be the law









           If you own your car it is your right to have that vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. This means even if your vehicle has a lien holder (loan) it still remains your choice where you have the car repaired. Unless your insurance policy specifically states that you conveyed the right of choice over to the insurance company at the time you purchased the policy. This is very rare and almost non existent unless you purchased some kind of PPO policy.

           During the course of our 25 years in business we have found it to be true that many times an insurance company will instruct the consumer to what they believe to be the law. Examples are such things as we don't pay for that because the shops do that for free. Nothing is free. If it isn't being charged for it probably isn't being done. If you think an item has been done for free than you should look at the complete repair to determine if another item may not have been completed correctly or not repaired at all.

           Another common example is when it has been determined that the insurer wants to total your vehicle. They will present to you a figure that they have derived as the value of your vehicle. This number is very often based upon one source and upon research you may find to be the lowest source. There are no less than 6 or 7 sources that market values can be derived from. In addition fair market value for you car is also based upon the retail price of similar vehicles within your market place. The market place is usually defined by a 50 mile +/- radius of your home. Remember the number is always negotiable.